Saturday, December 15, 2012

Betty Windsor counting her pounds

The only thing Betty Windsor likes more than her dogs (who could fault her for that!?) or betting on the horses, is counting her gold bullion. Here our girl is touring the Bank of England to make sure no minion has made off with a few million bucks. That scornful scowl on her face is habitual & by no means a sign she’s found an accounting error. May we remind Betty of the end of the Vietnam War when rich matrons with umbrellas & suitcases of gold bullion were standing on the pier waiting for US airplanes to rescue them!? No one has heard from those matrons since; the gold bullion has long since been spent by 5-star US generals. Give up the throne & the pretenses, Betty!  Your safety is in our hands. (Photo by Eddie Mulholland/Reuters)

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