Sunday, December 2, 2012

Appeal to Ireland: take your reptiles back!

When St. Patrick chased the snakes from Ireland, he created no end of problems in the US since so many of them slithered over here. It was no problem when they stayed under their rocks but they morphed into bishops & politicians & there’s been hell to pay ever since. Well justice is justice & the US is sending disreputable politicians back over to Ireland. But regrettably we read in the Irish media that Hellary Clinton, Baracks Obomba, & Joe Bidet can all expect a warm welcome there, as Slick Willy has in the past. Hellary will be speaking this week in Dublin & Belfast & we certainly hope our Irish friends will make her welcome not just warm but steamy hot. Fry her ass for all the crimes she’s brokered & the lies she’s peddled in our names. As for Obomba, he’ll be at a swank resort in County Fermanagh in June 2012 for a G8 summit with a whole host of other unsavory fellows, like Cameron & Putin. Rebels in County Fermanagh will need some assistance--outside agitators, if you will--since there appears to be a coterie of collaborators holed up there who named a building in the town the Clinton Centre after Slick Willy.

They report a whole number of Irish American sycophants will be traveling to Ireland with Hellary; they’re monied people & politicians who want to get in on the show if she runs for president. You can’t trust that kind of Irishmen/women! They’re the same sort as the Irish American lass now on trial in Florida for cozying up to a lottery winner, bumping him off, & burying him in concrete. Ireland, you’ve done enough harm to this country! The offer still stands: take your reptiles back & we’ll harbor no hard feelings. (Graphic from BBC)

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