Friday, November 30, 2012

Palestinian Legal strategy against Israel: The Real Prize is Europe

Green: In favor; Red: Against; Yellow: Abstain; Blue: Absent; Grey: Non-Members

Juan Cole
The United Nations General Assembly voted overwhelmingly to accord Palestine the status of “Observer State” on Thursday, with 138 countries voting in favor of the measure, 41 abstaining, and only 9 voting against. The US and Israel were decisively marginalized, as Italy and Sweden joined France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and several other European countries in voting for the new status. Continental Western Europe and Scandinavia were almost unanimous in supporting the Palestinians, in a kind of declaration of independence from the Obama administration. Even Germany, which for historical reasons is typically reluctant to buck Israel, voted to abstain rather than to oppose.

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  1. "From the Israeli press, it appears that many government and press figures are absolutely stunned and in a state of angry disbelief over the magnitude of this diplomatic defeat. The Israeli Right wing is so out of touch with how its aggressive policies are seen by the outside world and so self-righteous and arrogant that it even launched a Facebook page urging a boycott of Israeli supermodel Bar Rafaeli merely for tweeting during the recent Gaza war, “I pray for the safety of the citizens on both sides and for the day when we will live in peace and harmony. Amen.” Caring about human beings from the other side, or praying for peace are apparently verboten in “Strong Israel.” (Somehow I think Ms. Rafaeli’s fan base is secure, inside and outside Israel)."