Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Neo-fascist street theater in Thailand

Some people think I have it out for the British moochocracy. They think that’s why I frequently comment on the idiocies of Betty Windsor & her mutant tribe but seldom on the other feudal overlords in 44 other countries. Well those moochocracies have a policy of lying low (like the US oligarchs) so it’s hard to get the goods on them. But Thailand may be changing all that!

Thailand has a constitutional monarchy which just means the court hangers-on get moved over to their own building to get them out of the king’s hair. Thailand also has lèse-majesté laws which means insulting the king is treason. Even England doesn’t have them! This would be where feudalism shades into farce--& vice versa--except they enforce those laws in Thailand & severely punish the offenders & protestors for democratic rights, like free speech.

As we have seen at Betty Windsor’s garden parties, aristocrats wear funny hats & dress not at all sensibly, as we were taught about the British. That’s just as true in Thailand where this member of Pitak Siam, a neo-fascist, ultra-right political group rallied to defend the king against what they perceived as anti-monarchist elements within the ruling political party. Pitak Siam proclaimed their intent to forcibly remove the government of Prime Minister, Yingluck Shinawatra to install a dictatorship. But if you can’t even call the king a bad name, what the hell else would you call it!? This is where feudalism does become farce because Shinawatra is a loyal minion of the king & decorated several times by him in The Most Exalted Order of the White Elephant. The media reported police used tear gas & truncheons against the protestors but just how credible is that!? (Photo by Jack Kurtz/Getty Images)

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