Friday, November 23, 2012

A photo worth a thousand lies

This photo is of a Palestinian solidarity rally in New York City, not Israel. But there have also been many such rallies in Israel. The belief that Israeli-Palestinian hostilities are intransigent & separation necessary for survival is Zionist propaganda, exposing its utter capitulation to racism. The political impact of the great US Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s was blunted when Black leadership attached themselves to the Democratic Party but such treachery can never efface the power & force of that movement against racial hatred & oppression or the inspiration it continues to give to millions of people around the world suffering the whip of colonialism & racism.

Israelis who stand up against Zionism & work in concert with Palestinians & their supporters around the world are part of the great movement against racial hatred which is one of the pivotal political struggles of our historic epoch. Those Israelis who choose to stand with the human race & not against it play a role of the greatest importance. They face enormous political pressures in Israel, as dissidents do everywhere, so we do more than tip our hats to them; we stand in solidarity with them to uproot Zionism, replace it with human solidarity, & build a unified, democratic, secular society where Jews & Palestinians can live in harmony. (Photograph from RT)

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