Monday, October 25, 2010

US and Israel: Blinded by the right / Mark LeVine

Like the angry, self-loathing drunk unable to recognise himself in the The Who's seminal anthem "Who Are You," Americans and Israelis are reaching such depths of distrust and despair that the coarsest appeals to right wing identity politics - represented by the rise of the Tea Party and the current Netanyahu government - will ensure the perpetuation of policies that will doom both countries to an even darker future. In so doing they are moving so far from their founding ideals that it's becoming impossible to recognise them anymore.
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  1. Blinded is right.

    This article on Mondoweiss really got to me:

    Nahla Assali and the assault on Palestinian dignity

    “I know the layout of our house in Baka room by room, corridor by corridor. So I can draw you a map right now. And if I  choose to go back to live in my house in Baka, I should be granted that right. Why should a psychiatrist from the Hebrew University live in my flat in Baka. My father built the house. We owned the building.”

  2. Thanks vza..I just saw it on Mondo now but didn't have time to read it yet..

  3. For you, Tgia:

    Mahmoud Darwish's journal Sad prophet A new translation that captures the ache of exile

  4. Thanks vza..I'll have a look..BTW, I read the post on Mondo..Heart wrenching details..The sentence “Why don’t they fix the shutter?” was too much for me..

  5. Oh, I see! It's a review of "Journal of an Ordinary Grief". I have that book in Arabic..Great news that a translation has been published! It's an absolute must read in order to understand how it feels to be dispossessed, occupied and humiliated on a daily basis..