Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Lobby: Targeting Democrats for Nov. 2 Defeat

MJ Rosenberg:
The fury of the "pro-Israel" lobby lately has truly been something to behold. It has abandoned bipartisanship by setting up front organizations like the so-called Emergency Committee for Israel, which is running ads across the country calling on voters to defeat Democratic members of the House and Senate for signing a letter urging President Obama to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. With all the problems average Americans are facing, the lobby is so out-of-touch that it thinks that hard-hit Pennsylvanian voters (the ads runs most often in the Keystone State) will actually cast their votes based on the lobby's litmus test of who is and who isn't hawkish enough on Israel.
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  1. The Emergency Committee for Israel commissioned a national poll of 1,000 likely voters that was conducted by McLaughlin and Associates on October 3-5. The results show a strong concern among Americans for Israel’s security...

    As if the Nazi-like apartheid regime, that possess hundreds of nuclear weapons and the world's third most powerful army, is facing any real threat.