Monday, October 25, 2010

New Facebook Images of IDF Abuse During Cast Lead

gaza mosque trashed during cast lead

This Gaza mosque was trashed by Israeli attack during Operation Cast Lead. The soldier partakes of a meal amidst broken glass and other remnants of what used to be the mosque's worship chamber (Assaf Kintzer)

idf soldier defacing gaza home during cast lead

IDF soldier defaces the wall of a Gaza home with graffiti, "We'll be back shortly" during Cast Lead

On the heels of the exposure of the humiliation of Palestinian detainees by Eden Abergil and Avi Yakobov, Israeli peace activist Assaf Kintzer has a new Facebook gallery of humiliation featuring images of IDF soldiers preening for the camera in Palestinian homes during Operation Cast Lead, as if they were on their summer vacation. Not quite as explosive as anything in the Facebook and YouTube profiles of those IDF abusers, but instructive nonetheless as to the prevailing attitudes of IDF soldiers when they appropriate the homes and property of their Gazan victims.

One of the commenters on these images at Assaf’s Facebook photo gallery made an incisive comparison of this behavior to that of dogs who pee to mark their territory. This is these soldiers feeble attempt to come to terms with their surroundings. It’s gross, immature, insulting. And can there be any hope that these soldiers and all their fellow Israelis who think like them and might behave in the same way given similar circumstances can ever really come to terms with Palestinians? Imagine the obtuseness, the cultural impoverishment, the blind ignorance that produced these poses. What does it say about the society that created these people?

idf souvenir of cast lead

Soldiers re-enact dramatic moment of Cast Lead as souvenir for family, friends

idf tramples on personal bedding of gaza family

IDF squad poses for group photo while trampling on personal bedding of Gaza family

idf soldier in gaza kitchen

Fully-armed IDF soldier preens for camera while Gazan mother attempts to ignore the humiliation of having her kitchen invaded

idf soldier preens for camer

IDF soldier invades the bed chamber of Gaza family and appropriates woman's personal make-up brush, preening for camera

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