Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bradley Burston: Lieberman is Kahane. And even the right senses it

Lieberman will stop at nothing. He will use the rostrum of the UN General Assembly to undermine his own PM, mount a campaign speech for domestic consumption, and lend credence to those who condemn Israelis for unwillingness to make peace.

Is anyone on the mainstream Jewish right – anyone at all – willing to speak in defense of Avigdor Lieberman, the bully in the china shop of Israel's relationship with its Arab minority?

In particular, is anyone on the mainstream right prepared to step up and support his fascism bandwagon's snorting, noxious draft horse – the loyalty oath initiative?

Lieberman at UN - Reuters - Sept 28, 2010

Not the Zionist Organization of America. Normally a hair-trigger media machine, the hard-right ZOA has been uncharacteristically silent on Lieberman's showcase bill.

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