Monday, July 1, 2013

Poem by Indian poet, Musab Iqbal

Once again I cannot speak for Indian poet, Musab Iqbal, or know what you will derive from this poem, but to me it is something of a love song to international fraternity & sorority & a future world "without visa." I would like to dedicate it to our undocumented brothers & sisters & wish them safe harbor:

I will see those places from my eyes
Captured by you for me.

I will see those lands of bounties and elements of history
Lived by you for me in one time.

Camera captures the motion in stillness,
And stillness of a motion. My eye captures the vision
In entirety, those motion which resides beyond stillness
That stillness which was denied by emotion.

I don’t carry a camera. I carry my eyes. I carry your vision.

The tallest minarets of blue city where the doves make love, with
Sound of azan as melody for those dissolved in remembrance of beloved
I see divine light passing through non-existent bodies, giving life
To all matters of truth.

While everyone sleeps peacefully in darkness, I am awake
With my heart burning with the spark of love, and ready
To set a blaze the world of enmity sanctioned by [un]holy self.

I was born in many cities of the world before my birth here.
Today, I am restricted by your law, your policies.
My soul wanders silently and secretly to your land without visa.

I travel every night from Shiraz to Istanbul, from Rome to Homs
I wander from Balkh to Grenada.
I pick elements of togetherness from each place, and
I am making my own city of love against law, city of union against restriction.

I cannot kiss you today because the sky is sorrowful.

I will die in your arms when my map is ready.
When the sky is shiny and when the earth drifts from the tyrants
I will dance with you the day fear of love is buried, and grave of
Pettiness will not be even known.

My resistance is my aesthetic. My love for you is my only reason.

- 30th June (4.45 am)

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