Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What stupid looks like

You want to know what stupid looks like? Take a gander at Thomas Friedman, the NY Times columnist who heralds from Minneapolis & the intellectual bowels of US idiocy. He can’t put a coherent sentence together but our boy sure can rant & rave for Zionism. Which is why they promote a guy who can’t think, let alone write to international authority on Islam & Arab politics. He has three Pulitzer Prizes to his name--which means that prize is just as worthless as the Nobel Peace Prize won by war criminals like Henry Kissinger & Barack Obama.

He attended my alma mater (the University of Minnesota) for a few years which explains a lot about his intellectual inadequacies. I went there five years & still can’t recall a single thing I learned. Some people criticize him for using mixed metaphors. I use them myself & don’t see the problem. It’s his idiocies I object to, his incoherence, his stupidity, his racism, the stature he’s achieved for being all of the above.

He’s no dummy when it comes to dough though & married into a billionaires family. So he can talk all the silly-assed crap he likes because when day is done he has that trust fund to rely on. That’s why he’s elevated baloney & bullshit to the stature of intellectual discourse in the NY Times. Read him & weep! Better yet, read him & laugh yourself silly at what passes for intellectual life among Zionists. Don’t bother to throw up; he’s just not worth a heave.

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