Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Feudalism is no place for a child

Betty Windsor is not an expectant grandmother like any other--not because she has blue blood running through her veins but because it’s icy cold. Or is there no difference!? When a small girl being tutored in the ways of sycophancy asked our Betty if she preferred a girl or boy grandchild Betty answered, "I would very much like it to arrive. I'm going on holiday."

The comment boggles the plebeian mind, first because when isn’t Betty on vacation? And secondly, is the new grandchild then just a nettlesome interruption to being at the horse track?

Step-granny Cammy was interviewed at the race track & said her & Chucky-Cheesehead would be waiting for the phone call but it damn well better not come in the middle of a race. "We're all waiting at the end of the telephone," Cammy said, but any announcements will go on call waiting if we’re on the line with the bookies.

Some may think the child blessed with a silver spoon but more somber minds see the poor child as blighted by ancestry & feudalism.

(Photo from ABC News)

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