Monday, July 8, 2013

From the annals of the Black power movement

From the annals of the Black power movement: these are three Black Panther members protesting in Chicago in 1968. The famed photojournalist doesn’t indicate what or why they were protesting in a rail yard. This was the era when the big battalions of the civil rights movement had receded & the FBI was hunting down Black power activists like animals, often murdering them outright.

It’s a dangerous thing to be a Black political activist because there is nothing the US government fears more than a resurgence of Black power among youth. That’s why they railroad them into jail for minor offenses, are re-segregating public education, shred the Bill of Rights in the Black community under the guise of the war on drugs, & shoot kids down in the streets.

Our fullest solidarity because when social transformation happens in the US it will almost certainly be led by Black youth--male & female.

(Photo by Hiroji Kubota)

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