Saturday, December 1, 2012

Charity run by banks is extravaganza

Israeli hasbara against Palestinians is absolutely & simply pernicous. But US hasbara to justify wars, torture, drone bombings, predatory capitalism has got to take the cake when it comes to propaganda. They don’t pay their PR people enough for the rubbish they come up with! They’re so slick, so suave, so damn pathetic! Chase, the mega-bank received $25 billion in bailout dough in 2008. Chase is a leading banking firm globally, with assets of $2.3 trillion and operations in more than 60 countries. Now these miserable shysters & loan sharks are sponsoring the upcoming American Giving Awards being heralded all over TV.

According to Chase, since its inception in 2009, Chase Community Giving has donated over $28 million to thousands of charities like building schools in Africa, providing food & shelter to the homeless, & supporting the performing arts. Tell that to the starving children of Africa! Try to peddle that outside a Salvation Army shelter! They’ll spit in your eye! Maybe you’ll find a few kids in tutus somewhere dancing for their supper but Chase is an instrument of human misery & by no means an emancipatory agency. Especially since the annual winner is only awarded $1 million bucks. What happened to the other $24 million bucks? This is a Dick Clark kind of affair--resplendent in hundreds of millionaire celebrities urging American working people to dish out dough to millionaires. And it is all a repugnant attempt to reduce social transformation to charity & alms giving. We need to dump those celebrity shills, get rid of those damn banks with their shysters & loan sharks & create a world suitable for men & women & children to live & love in.

(Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images of December 9, 2011 American Giving Awards, LA, CA.)

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