Saturday, December 1, 2012

A sham called "Peace Process"

Peace process
Peace process
Yousef Munayyer
This chart tells you pretty much all you really need to know about why Palestinians believe the Peace Piece Process is a farce and has served as nothing more than a cover for perpetual Israeli colonization.
In the 24 year period from 1967 (when Israel occupied the West Bank and Gaza Strip) to 1991, when the Madrid Peace Conference was held beginning the "Peace Process," Israel colonized the West Bank through the illegal transfer of its citizens beyond the green line. By the end of this period, some 250,000 Israeli settlers or colonists lived beyond the Green Line. As the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the American Congress in 2011, the number of Israeli colonists beyond the Green Line reached 650,000. There is just some simple math involved from there to determine what the "Peace Process" period has meant and its clear that the only thing processed was the West Bank.... into many tiny pieces.

This is the "Peace Process" the U.S. and Israel want Palestinians to return to.

No thanks.

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