Friday, September 23, 2011

Wikileaks cable: Israel Objects to Palestinian Statehood to Avoid War Crimes Investigations

A secret State Department diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks has revealed that one of the primary reasons behind Israeli objections to Palestinian statehood is that lack of statehood keeps Palestinian territories outside the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC), which prosecutes war crimes.
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  1. I had no idea that the ICC could not pursue crimes against Palestinians because they are not a state, but Israel's position is no surprise.

    I hope that Wikileaks will be able to remain viable considering the turmoil surrounding it now.

  2. Buh, under international law, I don't think this article is correct. The ICC can prosecute Israelis for crimes committed against Israelis and non Israelis alike even now.

    I think Wikileaks harms humanity. Notice how angry Sayyed Nasrallah, Sayyed Khamenei, Russia, China, India, Indonesia, Lebonon, Iraq, Japan, South Korea, and the whole world are with Wikileaks. What Wikileaks does is wrong and very harmful.

  3. Buh didn't you find it suspicious that wikileaks leaked a lot of stuff about how the Iranian government and many, many Iranians were fighting inside Iraq 2003-2008, but leaked less about how non Iraqi Sunni Arabs were engaging in genocide against Iraqis 2003-2008. Many Iraqis were very angry about this, including the respectable PM Maliki.

    I don't deny Wikileak reports that more than 10,000 Iranians fought inside Iraq, or that Iran was very active in supporting Iraqi militas, but why downplay the role of tens of thousands of non Iraqi Sunni Arabs in murdering Iraqis?

    Buh, it isn't only this. Wikileaks seems sectarian.

  4. <span><span>That's correct, Buh. Contrary to what the donkey is braying here, only state can prosecute at the ICC and that's the main reason the PA was advised to seek memebership at the SC before the GA.</span></span>

  5. <span>The ICC can prosecute Israelis</span>

    Check your facts, dummy. Only state can prosecute at the ICC.