Friday, September 16, 2011

29th Anniversary of the Israeli orchestrated Sabra and Shatila Massacres.

Journalist Robert Fisk returns to the Sabra and Shatila Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. Fisk recounts how Lebanese Christian militias who were under the control of the Israeli military murdered over 2000 Palestinians in the camps. Fisk also points to a building in the distance from where he insists the Israeli forces could witness the massacre. The Israeli government's own Kahan Commission found that future Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was personally responsible for the massacre. This is from a documentary Fisk made about "why so many Muslims have come to hate the West." But we know the real reason is because they hate our freedom, right?


  1. The safety of all the Palestinians murdered at Sabra and Shatila had actually been guaranteed by President Reagan's Middle East envoy, Ambassador Phillip Habib, only days before they were massacred.

    21 August 1982: The international community intervenes to end the siege of Beirut. Under the protection of an international force, all PLO fighters are to depart Beirut for Tunis. As this will leave undefended the Palestinian civilians in the Beirut refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila, Yasser <span>Arafat refuses to evacuate the PLO unless the US guarantees their safety.</span> After receiving assurances from Israel, Ronald Reagan’s Mid East envoy, Ambassador Phillip Habib, guarantees that the IDF will not enter West Beirut and that Palestinian civilians there will come to no harm. He provides a written assurance to the PLO: The Governments of Lebanon and the United States will provide appropriate guarantees of the safety...of law-abiding Palestinian noncombatants left in Beirut, including the families of those who have departed...

  2. The UN mandated multinational security forces which included French, US, and other troops tried. But Hezbollah attacked them and they left.

    Then the UN reached a new deal with Hezbollah for an international occupation force called UNFIL. This occupation Hezbollah agreed to partially tolerate. But even UNFIL has lost large numbers of occupation troops to Lebanese freedom fighters fighting UN occupation.

  3. <span><span>"But Hezbollah attacked them and they left."</span>  
    Nice try anan but Hizbullah wasn't in existance in 1982 when the massacre took place. It was created after the Israeli invasion as a response. Shit for brains.</span>

  4. You further expose yourself as a laughable idiot. Deflecting the blame to Hizbullah when they were not even in existence yet!