Monday, September 9, 2013

Screw the Nobel Peace Prize!

Sorry to be a spoilsport about that damn Nobel Peace Prize but who receives it or who doesn’t should be no concern to working people. It’s an honorific of the oligarchs given to those who served them well, including mostly war criminals & those who run propaganda interference for them. There are few rebels on the roster of winners.

Occasionally they throw in a Linus Pauling or a Martin Luther King to cover the stinking mendacity of the award but that isn’t enough to redeem the damn thing--not after Henry Kissinger won it. Anybody respectable who wants it after that needs to have their head examined. Quit wishing it on people like Chelsea Manning or Edward Snowden.

That award thing is a scam anyway. Millions of people around the world contribute & sacrifice (including their lives) to the cause of justice & social transformation. They don’t need silly-assed honorifics for an “atta boy” even though they could use the dough that comes with it. Their efforts to make this world a better place are its own reward.

Like this guy--Rajesh Kumar Sharma, a teacher & founder of a free school in New Delhi, India. Originally from Kashmir, he was forced to leave school early due to lack of money so he set up a school under a city bridge for kids from nearby slums. There are a few people among my FB friends who are doing the exact same thing without looking for recognition. Enough with the damn Nobel; cheap toilet paper has more value.

(Photo by Altaf Qadri/AP)

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