Saturday, September 7, 2013

No US war in Syria!

An antiwar activist at a protest outside the US embassy in Awkar, Lebanon uses fake blood to dramatize his opposition to US intervention in Syria. The US ordered “non-emergency” personnel & their families out of Lebanon yesterday due to threats. Emergency personnel are of course CIA & special operation forces--the criminal element attached to the US embassy.

We only wish fake blood was so threatening to US embassies everywhere--or at the White House & the Pentagon. We could use it to drive the warmongers off the planet. But massive antiwar mobilizations are required to stop the real bloodshed in Syria & there will be plenty of them around the world today & in the next few weeks.

All out to demand “US hands off Syria!”

(Photo by Mohamed Azakir/Reuters)

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  1. Assad, militarily, has the upper hand; why on earth would he commit suicide by using chemical weapons while UN inspectors are on the ground?!?! It’s a good thing Al-Qaeda isn't known for lying and killing innocents. Otherwise we might think it’s a ploy to justify illegal US military intervention. Seriously, mainstream media, you have to stop printing this crap. Like the boy who cried wolf, now nobody buys the mainstream stories anymore. Played out all your cards in Iraq didn’t ya?