Friday, September 27, 2013

Dutch moochocracy as cheap as its English cousins

Apparently attitudes toward Europe’s 12 surviving moochocracies are shifting in Europe & that’s good even if it is about 200 years overdue. For God’s sake, is Ireland the only country there who can’t abide a queen!? A UK poll last year showed support for Betty Windsor was at an all-time high due to Willy’s wedding & the Diamond Jubilee. But no need to be alarmed; when they took a close look at the poll they found it only queried the landed gentry & the deranged citizenry who show up at parades.

Nevertheless, moochocracies are taking a page from US oligarchy by starting to lie low & stop flaunting their wealth. In the US the “royals” are so sub rosa you can’t even name them--that’s how they deny they even exist. It’s a version of plausible deniability. This new strategy explains the media rubbish around baby George Windsor--like Willy actually changing the kid’s smelly diapers & being a hands-on, down-home dad when he doesn’t even wipe his own ass.

According to a 2011 poll among the Dutch, 75% supported the moochocracy there. But then it hit the news a year later that the Dutch moochocracy costs taxpayers more than any other in Europe. That didn’t sit well with Dutch taxpayers & a poll this year showed 70% had come to their senses & now thought the new king (as of April) Willy-Alexander, a 45-year-old drifter, should earn less than his mother, Betty. She earned 825,000 euros ($1.1 million USD) plus 100 million euros a year for maintaining estates & holding parades. The suggested new wage for Willy-Al is €250,000 to €500,000, which is a lot for doing nothing.

The media has consulted academics about this new development--albeit, not always the best thinkers--& they think the gossip & entertainment provided by moochocratic conduct is worth the cost of sustaining their lavish life styles. Well they underestimated Willy-Al. He got the message from taxpayers loud & clear. He wasn’t in the throne in all his constipated glory for more than a few months when he laid down some substantial cuts to extravagance. Yesiree bob! He was worth more than a tabloid scandal or two!

Our man, Willy-Al is no longer going to tolerate waste & he’s going after it with a vengeance. Health care & unemployment compensation will be cut; the retirement age is raised to 67 to milk seniors for all they’re worth; & youth & elder care services are being pruned to bare bones. Opulence is no longer acceptable & working people are going to have to tighten their belts. Let them eat swill! Willy-Al says people will just have to “take care of each other” so they can continue to maintain him & his wastral clan in the profligate opulence they claim as their due--being the progeny of deranged trolls in the Black Forest so many generations ago.

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