Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Juan Cole: UNESCO Palestine Vote Isolates US Further

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization recognized Palestine as a full member on Monday setting off a crisis between the United States and the United Nations that seems likely to further isolate Washington in the world and reduce its influence.

The UNESCO vote could start an avalanche of such acceptances among various UN bodies. Although Palestine is unlikely now to get a majority next month at the UN Security Council, there is always next year. And the admission of Palestine by large numbers of UNO organizations might anyway have a similar effect to a UNSC majority vote.

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  1. UK abstained, quelle surprise! The craven cowards in the government must outnumber the rabid zionists.

  2. Self introspection. Good.

    Divide and conquer at work. Inciting all parties to fight with each other.

  3. Divide and and exploit, kill, rape and steal; like those vile Thakurs in benighted India.
    Bahinchot, madarchot!