Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cairo’s Liberation by Innovation

Protesters carry makeshift shields during clashes with riot police along a road that leads to the Interior Ministry, near Tahrir Square in Cairo 23 November 2011.

From onions, to milk, to shoe polish bombs, protesters in Cairo are coming up with new ways to counter the regime’s new weapons of stifling dissent.

The Egyptian revolution carries on with an unparalleled creative spirit. A rebellious and vibrant imagination is pushing up against a stultifying and authoritarian military regime.

The Egyptian youth are honing their resistance skills daily in the face of the oppressive and violent machinery of power.

The young revolutionaries waged the battle of Mohamed Mahmoud Street, home of the ministry of interior, with inventiveness and spontaneous innovation.

While the state had previously unleashed horses and camels to crush protesters, it is using a new lethal poisonous gas this time around.

In the days following the January 25 uprising, uninitiated protesters discovered that it is possible to counter the effect of tear gas by washing one’s face with soda, vinegar, and onions.

In recent clashes, however, these old methods did not work, because the riot police resorted to using an internationally banned type of gas against the protesters. It was necessary therefore to come up with new and unconventional solutions.

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