Monday, February 4, 2013

Turkey crawls back under America’s thumb

David Cronin
Staff in NATO’s headquarters have been busy lately - trying to conceal the truth. Deploying missile interceptors in Turkey is a purely defensive manoeuvre, aimed at protecting Turkey’s population and territory, according to the alliance’s queen of spin Oana Lungescu. As a vegetarian, I refuse to swallow that porky pie.
Let’s put the stationing of the Patriot interceptors in a broader context. The concept of missile interception can be traced back to Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars programme. Its essential purpose was to enable America to launch a massive first strike on a country and then to able to neutralise any weapons fired in retaliation. Before bringing the Patriots, the US placed an X-Band “transportable missile radar” in south-eastern Turkey last year. The Obama administration is also overseeing the installation of a missile interceptor system in various parts of Europe and the Mediterranean. This is the same Obama administration that routinely kills children - with pilotless drones - in Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen. The likelihood of all this being defensive is about as strong as me becoming a professional wrestler. 
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