Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The moochocracy continues to decay before our very eyes

The British media is always trying to cover for Betty Windsor & her regrettable progeny. The BBC says the guy on the left is a sniper in disguise but we’d recognize Charlie anywhere--& the disapproving look on Betty’s face confirms that. It’s not because Charlie’s personal valets who wipe his heinie, brush his teeth, comb his hair & dress him have the day off. The recent Jimmy Savile pedophile scandal raises unsavory implications about Charlie & although moochocracy knows no shame, Buckingham’s legal retinue want him to dodge uncomfortable questions. But why the hell would they worry about that with the BBC implicated in the same scandal!? And for sure, David Cameron always has his back. The whole shebang of them need to be rounded up & sent off to a penal colony. (Photo by Reuters; its misuse, all mine)

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