Saturday, November 24, 2012

If Americans knew!

American taxpayers give Israel over $8 million per day – even though Israel is one of the world’s smallest and richest nations.
And this give-away costs Americans over $15 million per day.
An economist who conducted an audit for the Army War College found that as of 2003 Israel had cost Americans $3 trillion dollars because of the many associated and hidden costs of this money.

For example, Israel receives this massive aid in a lump sum at the very beginning of the fiscal year – unlike aid to any other country.
Since our government is operating at a deficit, this means that we borrow the money, deposit it in an Israeli account at a Federal Reserve Bank, and then taxpayers pay interest on this money long after it has been given away – while Israel makes interest on it.
It is failed policy that hurts everyone – both abroad and here at home.
This expenditure, unlike other governmental give-ways, is never openly discussed, due to the power of the Israel Lobby – the most powerful lobby on behalf of a foreign nation in our country.
A thorough, public discussion would show that it is a failed policy that prevents peace, perpetuates tragedy and injustice, finances discrimination against Christians and Muslims, drags Americans into endless Middle Eastern conflicts, and has caused damage to Americans for decades.

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