Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ceasefire? What ceasefire!?

Even as a ceasefire was announced yesterday, hundreds of Israeli bombs & missiles continued to rain on Gaza. Palestinian health officials now put the death toll in Gaza at over 150, although they don’t know the actual number of deaths because bodies are still being recovered from rubble. Reports are that 90 of those killed are “civilians,” including 30 children, but since there is no military in Gaza, it’s not clear what distinguishes civilians from non-civilians.

The most damning & horrific aspect of yesterday’s siege was that the Israeli land, sea, & air assault with tanks, naval guns, attack helicopters & bombers shifted to dense residential neighborhoods of Gaza City, small towns, & refugee camps & reportedly, the places Palestinians fled to after the Israeli air force dropped leaflets ordering people to evacuate.

Here, blood leaks under the door of the al-Shifa hospital morgue in Gaza City which is taking in the bodies of those killed in this murderous siege. Boycott all Israeli products (barcode beginning 729) to support the Palestinians against ethnic cleansing. Demand the US end all aid to Israel & stop bankrolling genocide!  (Photo by Marco Longari/AFP/Getty Images)

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