Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tolerable Savagery: Israeli Killing of Palestinians

"The carnage continues. Israel, or more accurately the Zionist movement, has not stopped its brutality and repression of Palestinians since the advent of the Zionist movement in Palestine in the late 19th century. Lately, we have been able to watch with disgust. Western hypocrisy knows no bounds in the Middle East.
Western governments are just aghast at the Syrian regime’s repression and brutality. Of course, Western governments could not care less about the Syrian people. They were able to “do business” with the Assad ruling dynasty for decades. Their criteria for political judgment in the Middle East are divorced from considerations of justice and democracy. The criteria are set in Washington, DC and Western governments just follow. The criteria are based on the regime’s services to Israel and its subservience to US interests. This criteria allowed the US to shift its attitude to Qaddafi in a manner of months: from a pariah, Qaddafi became the darling of Western governments while US senators and officials flocked to his tent (just as they flock to the palaces of Gulf kings and princes).
Western governments never expressed sympathy for the Syrian people: as victims of the Assad regime and as victims of Israeli occupation and brutality. Yet, Western governments were quick to call for arming the Syrian people only months after the uprising began.”

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