Friday, March 9, 2012

Speaking to the oligarchy in their own language

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble--a chief architect of the vicious neoliberal austerity policies imposed on Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, & Spain--was suitably greeted at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy by protestors wearing pig masks & holding banners saying, “No austerity” & “Europe is not for sale”. Protestors who came from several European countries booed the guy on his arrival, sang the anthem of the Italian resistance, & challenged him during the debate period on the undemocratic character of neoliberal policies. He recently urged the Greek government to postpone elections to more expeditiously ram through the EU/IMF austerity program. The Financial Times newspaper observed that by trying to control the government of Greece, the EU/IMF is making Greece “the eurozone’s first colony.” Schäuble proved himself an invincibly callous & stupid minion of the oligarchs when he said, “ultimately, those to blame for the crisis are the Greek people themselves.” He’s lucky he got out of there alive.

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