Monday, March 5, 2012

Knighting (aka groveling)

Betty Windsor “knighting” some hapless schnook. Knighting is considered an honor by people like Paul McCartney, Elton John, & Mick Jagger but for most people curtsying & kneeling to someone else is called groveling & thought to be unseemly.


  1. I thought I'd get here before you, vza, since I know you'll be defending Betty's honor soon enough. But let me just advise you that Betty doesn't handle her own toothbrush so would you want that sword so close to your neck?

  2. Funny!
    The queen is basically harmless and the whole spectacle brings in loads of tourists to Great Britain...which creates lots and lots of jobs,.... What's not to like? The knighting thing is a tradition they could easily discard without any harm to tourism. I am sure the Queen has inwardly cringed at some of the shmucks she has been forced to knight.

  3. What about her mooching off the body politic while they close the national health service and schools? Is that harmless too?