Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A picture worth a thousand lies

Photojournalist coverage in mainstream media of Israel’s 3-day bombing rampage in Gaza looks like it came out of Netanyahu’s office & the Israel Hasbara Committee. One marvels, then pukes at the cynicism involved. Photos show Israeli schools girls cowering, an Israeli infant in an incubator being wheeled to what is called a bomb shelter, young men described as “Palestinian Islamic Jihad militants” in Gaza City. Captions explain that “two Palestinian militants & a schoolboy” were killed in Gaza, that “Palestinian rocket squads barraged southern Israel". A few media outlets published photos of building destruction in Gaza, even fewer published photos of Palestinian children injured or killed in the bombing. In fact, 23 Palestinians were killed by Israeli bombing & 60 were injured. Given the “barrage by rocket squads” from Gaza, why doesn’t the media explain why there are no Israeli casualties? Why don’t they get to the bottom of why Israel initiated this carnage? These Palestinian children in hospital are not propaganda props to sell ethnic cleansing; they are victims of Israeli bombs, emotionally traumatized & physically injured. Some have died. Boycott Israeli products to support Palestinians against Zionist terror.

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