Monday, January 23, 2012

Shit Students CAN'T Say on Campus (About Israel)

After "Shit Homophobic People Say", more REAL sh*t hitting the fan. The crazy sh*t you CAN'T say on campus about Israel because of intimidation, censorship and legal threats.


  1. From a statement from Birmingham University Debating Society -
    "In retrospect, this ought to have been handled differently. Clarification should have been sought from those holding the objection to the sale of Ben White’s book to ascertain whether the use of the word apartheid was problematic only in the context of the sale of that book, or whether it would be problematic in the debate as a whole. However, we as The Debating Society would like to make it clear that our intentions were only ever to provide a forum for the discussion of this sensitive issue in which everyone felt respected, and we therefore took the objections raised before the event very seriously. It is important also to note that the organisers of this event were more cautious, in this instance, of causing offence than is perhaps the case in other debates we host because the issue is so sensitive and events on the issue have been the focus of previous controversy at this university."
    This means "We mustn't upset the zionist claque, but we should have been more subtle in exercising censorship."

  2. Ynet had an article saying that Ben White is anti Semitic. Not much of a change in tactics I can see there.