Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The First Signs of an Indian Spring

"Despite a growth rate of 6.9 percent and prosperity for some, more Indians than ever are living in poverty than anywhere on earth, including a third of all malnourished children. Save the Children says that, every year, two million infants under the age of five die."
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  1. India has its problems. But it is doing better than any Arab country [excluding maybe Dubai] or England.

    Thank you.

  2. the protests in India are positive. Because they are about reducing corruption, improving governance and accelerating liberalization [free market capitalism . . . Hooray!]

    Wish all protest movements in the world were so positive.

  3. Lots more work to be done, especially with the corruption problem, but 455 million moving out of poverty in 15 years, and  320 million more people expected to come out of poverty in the next four years is no small thing.

    UNITED NATIONS/NEW DELHI: As many as 320 million people in India and China are expected to come out of extreme poverty in the next four years, while India's poverty rate is projected to drop to 22%, says a UN report.

    According to the report, China and India combined, the number of people living in extreme poverty between 1990 and 2005 declined by about 455 million, and additional 320 million people are expected to come out poverty by 2015.
    By 2015, it is expected that global poverty rate will fall below 15 per cent, well under 23% target.


  4. You obviously have no knowledge of Lebanon, an Arab country which excluding the years of civil unrest was hard to match among "third world" countries..but who am I to teach anything to someone who's unteachable.

  5. TGIA, I like Lebanese. Lebanon's deficit is about 10% of GDP and national debt close to 140% of GDP.

    Lebonon was a rich developed country until the great Lebanese civil war broke out in the 1970s. A civil war Arafat helped start.

    Look up the Penn World Table data on Lebonon.

    Lebanese Shiites were heavily oppressed until the 1970s. India treats its 30-40 million Shiites better.

  6. Lebanon was a rich developed country that fell apart in the late 1970s, and in the 1980s and 1990s. It turned into a developing third world country. [Argentina is another example of a rich country turning poor.]

    Too bad Lebanon trusted Arafat. This Arafat betrayed the Lebanese people. He stupidly started killing Lebanese Shiites, Lebanese Maronites and Lebanese Druze, causing all hell to break lose.

    Lebanse Shiite militias [including Amal], Maronite militias, and Druze were so desperate to break Arafat that they all asked for and recieved help from the Israelis. And that wasn't even a tenth of it. Soon dozens of foreign countries were deeply involved, each backing different Lebanese factions.

    I love Lebanese TGIA. I really hope the Lebanese make it and that the Lebanese Armed Forces {LAF} wins. Lebanon, however, isn't independent. One political party operates a vast army that isn't loyal to the Lebansese nation. Rather it reports to Khamenei [with large numbers of IRGC embeddded combat advisors and trainers]. No other Lebanese political party has an army.

    Lebanon isn't independent. Not even as independent as Maliki was in Iraq in 2007. Lebonon should tell Khamenei very clearly:
    -you are welcome to give as much money, as many trainers, as much equipment as you want to the LAF
    -you are welcome to give as much foreign aid and civilian surge personel to the Lebonese government as you want.

    But you don't get to manipulate Lebanese parliamentary politics. You don't get to support an army inside Lebonon that is disloyal to the Lebonese nation.

    Did you see what the Lebanese Shiites, including Amal and Nabih Berri, said about Khamenei and Hezbollah in the wikileaks? It is horrible.

  7. VZA, you are obviously right. But shhh. Don't say it. Some Englishman might get jealous.

  8. HELP, HELP! The Horsepersons of the Capitalist Apocalypse are closing in on me. If I sell my soul to Mammon will I be saved?