Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Child mine worker

This photo of a small boy working at a coal depot in Jaintia Hills, India, says about all one needs to know about the outrage of child labor. World Bank policies which dispossess millions and gut labor laws have helped create this global scourge and they attempt to justify it by saying child labor is necessary to sustain families. That’s the mindset of thugs who think working people and our children are nothing more than cannon fodder for their wars and machines to produce their wealth. A priority in protecting children from this abomination is demanding labor laws be protected & expanded, not destroyed--along with giving the World Bank & IMF the bottom of a hobnailed boot. (Photo by Daniel Berehulak)


  1. Newt Gingrich looks and learns.

  2. Please don't blame the World Bank and IMF. They are good people. Do you know people who work there?

    Some Americans might be resentful that the the US only has 16.23% of the World Bank's voting shares and that the US voting share is likely to fall sharply after the newest World Bank recapitalization. This is the wrong response. Rather we should be greatful that the great and good people of China, India, Brazil, Indonesia, South Korea, Chile etc. are paying for the World Bank and using the World Bank to do good around the world.

    If foreigners don't pay for the World Bank, IMF and other international institution, who is going to help us?

    We Americans are a debter nation. Deeply dependent on foreigners lending us many trillions of dollars. We should be quiet and not bite the hand that feeds us.

    All free countries have a right to decide their own labor laws. Isn't imposing labor regulations on others = imperialism/exploitation/empire/ugly Americanism? For all of Bush's faults, he didn't try to force countries to behave the way America wanted them to.

    Americans who try to impose regulations on others are a larger cause of global anti Americanism than almost anyone else.

  3. <span>"Please don't blame the World Bank and IMF. They are good people. Do you know people who work there?"</span>
    <span>Lal Bhujjakar knows them all personally. Perhaps Joseph Stiglitz, former chief economist to the World Bank, knows them better: "The new global order has condemned people to death. They don't care if people live or die."</span>

  4. Joseph Stiglitz represents a small minority of economic scholarship. His pro sanctions agenda [restricting trade and investment] isn't popular.

    I don't know everyone who works at the World Bank. But they are good people.

    In terms of condemning people to death, that is more an "english" game.

  5. Stupid racist remarks advance no argument.

  6. Anan, your remark exhibits the most regrettable naivety about the function and purpose of the World Bank and IMF. I don't even know where to begin responding to you since our understanding of reality is so at odds. The World Bank and IMF are predatory agencies which help administer capitalism in different countries for the purpose of profit and exploitation. You only need ask working people from hundreds of countries subject to IMF structural adjustment programs what they think of being impoverished so a handful of local oligarchs and multinational corporations can be enriched.