Friday, January 20, 2012

The Chinese Lunar New Year & Migration

This man is one of more than 200 million Chinese migrant workers who will travel home by train over the new year holiday. Chinese Lunar New Year or Spring Festival is one of two annual seven day national holidays (a third was eliminated a few years ago) where working people have enough time to travel to their home provinces with gifts for their usually impoverished & rural families. Like in most countries, migrant workers in China were forced to look for work in urban centers due to changes in farming & land use. They are a vast urban army of cheap & super-exploited workers, transforming China from a rural-based economy to an urban & industrial economy. They are a ticking time bomb for the guys in Maserati luxury cars running the country & driving working people into the ground. It is likely the impressive increase of labor & social unrest in China is driven by these migrants who have nothing to lose but their chains. (Photo by Carlos Barria)

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