Monday, November 28, 2011

Saudi Arabia? Afghanistan? No, Israel!

And more about this ultra Orthodox cult here.


  1. Face-Covering Families in Beit Shemesh: A Destructive Cult? Details of the Cult, Regulations, and Stringencies: Every girl must wear at least three layers of clothes, with the shal (cloak) covering all of these. The eyes must be completely covered, by a cloth with tiny holes for vision and air circulation. They see, but are not seen.Members of the cult are convinced that their actions are bringing the redemption closer. The girls are ordered to walk in the main streets, lekadesh shem shamayim berabim, i.e. to sanctify the name of God in public.Aside from the clothes, there are shocking restrictions, like a prohibition against showering more than once a week, a chupah (wedding ceremony) with a mechitza (partition between the men and women, including the parents of the couple, and most seriously, the day of the wedding is set for a day that the bride is not permitted to her husband (against Jewish law), so that the guests won’t be brought to sin by seeing the husband and wife holding hands on their way to the yichud room. [After an Orthodox Jewish wedding ceremony the couple have a few minutes of privacy. A couple cannot touch, nor consummate the marriage, unless the bride has been to the mikveh (ritual bath) since her last menstrual period. Usually great efforts are made to ensure that she has been to the mikveh before the wedding.] The cult is supported by a certain rabbi whose name I won’t mention right now, who also supports them publicly and claims that they are bringing the redemption, although he also claims that one cannot force this custom on women who aren’t interested.Still, many girls are known to be forced to dress like this against their will, and are rejected by their former community. In general, when a group of cult members walks in the street, a row of young women abuses them verbally and scolds them.A couple of weeks ago an incident was published in the forum, of a girl forced to dress this way for two years, broke away and found an Arab boyfriend.

  2. Unhealthy nonsense.

  3. What's the alternative, a face full of acid?