Monday, November 28, 2011

The French are right. Ma'le Adumim is in occupied Palestine

French document: Ma'ale Adumim part of 'Occupied Palestine'

Resident of city near Jerusalem finds 'Occupied Palestinian Territory' listed under state of residence on his temporary French passport; FM to demand French gov't to revise wording
A 21-year-old resident of Ma'ale Adumim who also holds a French citizenship was surprised to find "Occupied Palestinian Territory" listed under the state of residence on his temporary French passport recently.

Eddy, who was born in Israel to French immigrants, applied for a French passport intending to go study there. He completed the paperwork and was issued a temporary travel document. On his way home from the consulate in Jerusalem, he noticed something strange.
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  1. "... the French are anti-semitic", case closed, no thinking needed.