Saturday, October 29, 2011

Remembering the massacre of civilians in Kafr Qasim, Palestine, 55 years ago

Fifty-five years ago, Israeli Zionist terrorists massacred 49 civilian Palestinians in cold blood in the small, impoverished village of Kafr Qasim, Palestine, adding to the deplorable list of massacres committed by Israel since 1948. The villagers were lined up and shot execution style. What was their "crime"? They unknowingly "violated" a curfew announced and imposed on them only thirty minutes earlier. Israel, the "only democracy in the Middle East."

"On the eve of the 1956 War, strict security measures were imposed on Arab villages near Israel's borders. At Kafr Qasim in Israel on the Jordanian frontier, the army decreed a curfew to come into effect almost immediately whilst most of the workmen of the village were still out in the fields and could not be informed. As they returned to Kafr Qasim in the early evening of October 29, 1956, forty-nine villagers were shot by Israeli soldiers. Eleven Israeli soldiers were subsequently brought to trial on charges of murder, three of whom were acquitted. The others received sentences ranging from seven to seventeen years, although by 1960 all had been released."

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