Friday, October 28, 2011

Gaddafi killer faces prosecution, says Libyan interim government

NTC backs down from insistence Gaddafi died in crossfire and pledges justice for anyone proven to have fired lethal shot
Gaddafi killer faces prosecution, says interim Libyan government
The killing of Gaddafi after his capture in Sirte, which was recorded on mobile phone cameras, has attracted international criticism.

Libya's interim government says it will prosecute anyone found responsible for the death of Muammar Gaddafi after his capture, in a retreat from its earlier insistence that the dictator had been killed by crossfire.

The change in position comes after a week of sustained criticism of the Libyan leader's captors, who used their camera phones to chronicle his death. The footage, including images of a wounded Gaddafi being sodomised with what looked like a bayonet, caused widespread revulsion outside the country.

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  1. It's hard to know what to think about Libya.  But, some things are pretty clear.  The role of the US / NATO was never about saving Libyans from a tyrant.  It never is.  It's about getting ahold of the natural resources, or gaining a strategic foothold in an area that the US hadn't previously been able to get access to.  In the case of Libya, both of these were incentives, IMO.  It helped that there was discontent about Gaddafi.  

    I read that the Libyan "rebels" are engaged in retribution and especially aiming their attacks at black Africans.  Is this really where the human race is at, after all the crimes committed against Africa?  And Hillary Clinton gloats about the mob killing of Gaddafi.