Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gideon Levi: Settlers succeeding in hostile takeover of Israel

Do you really want to live in a country where the heads of the settlement enterprise allocate its lands, plan its nature sites, rule on its laws and are increasingly controlling its lifestyles?
By Gideon Levy

Phase I was long since declared an unqualified success: The settlers gained control of the occupied territories, using their power and their construction projects to thwart any just arrangement. But anyone who thought they would settle for controlling the West Bank should take a look at Phase II of the plan, which is at its height and already a success story.

Now, after the hostile takeover of the West Bank, comes the takeover of the state. Now that their lust for land has been slightly slaked they have turned their attention to much broader areas than their own considerable domain. From now on, Yesha is truly here. From now on, it's not enough for them to head the local government councils in the territories - now they're aiming for seats of power within Israel, so that they can shape its image. After taking the West Bank region of Gush Etzion, now they want the Tel Aviv region of Gush Dan.

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  1. Some extremist settlers buying part of the Israeli establishment? I think so. Palestine should also buy part of the Israeli establishment in response. Buy them like so many cards in your pocket.

  2. TGIA, you stand accused of indecent exposure, letting this prick out.

  3. I've been erasing his many comments yesterday as soon as they appeared but the rest was posted when I was asleep. This time however, I'll have to ban him.
    BTW, anan, your comment is so irrational that I doubt it makes sense even to YOU..

  4. <span>Anan you dumbass! Takeover, here, is in the political sense not "buying part of". How possibly can you be such a moron?</span>