Thursday, April 30, 2009

Checkpoints along the Wall to be computerized

Beginning May 1, 2009, a computer system will be installed at checkpoints along the Wall, including the checkpoints that separate villages from their agricultural land. Palestinians will have to register in the new system, or else face the loss of their permits for up to a month.


  1. I wonder what the impact of those changes is going to look like! My understanding is that a lot of the soldiers in charge at the check points are tortionaires. Many reports indicated that they were used for inflicting trmendous psychological and physical torture on the poor people! I wonder what if sophisticated more advanced technology is going to improve or rather make their lives even harder. Imagine a machine refusing your valid permit with no one to complain to!

  2. Imagine a machine denying your permit while you are trying to get to the hospital before you die.....

  3. Second time leaving same message....
    Imagine a machine refusing your permit when you are dying to get to the hospital.....