Friday, January 17, 2014

Things your money would be better spent on that could aid you in acting in solidarity with Palestine more than funding Gary Spedding’s white male entitlement driven arrogance-fest:

1. A book. something written by June Jordan or Haifa Zangana or Alice Walker or Nadje al Ali. 
2. legal fees after yourself or others are arrested at a JNF demonstration to drag the JNF through the courts.
 3. a visa for a Palestinian student to come over to do a speaker tour.
 4. coffee for yourself and a comrade after a meeting, so that you establish relationships with the people you’ll be working with, so that you feel safe and comfortable with people that you trust. 
5. internet in your flat so that you can tweet important hashtags, share articles, read articles, have skype meetings, watch documentaries and then post 1500 work critiques of those documentaries on your facebook in the hope of a few likes.
 6. materials for awareness raising, to advertise events for awareness raising. 
7. resources for campaigning.
 8. paint for banners. 
9. bread and humus so you have the energy to go to a meeting.
10. a cinema ticket to a film screening you’re going to with your PalSoc.
 11. a film screening that you’ll go to on your own, so that you can have some down time. 
12. heating in your flat. 
13. the bus on the way back from work. 
14. a ticket to a different city to go to a conference. 
15. a curry with people from the conference that you’ve only ever spoken to on the internet before.
16. a plane ticket to Palestine, to meet people and hear stories and see things, so that you can go back home to where you live and organise, spread awareness, pressure your government, show solidarity. 
17. sponsoring someone else to go to Palestine if they are not in a position to fund themselves. 
18. a keffiyeh from the last keffiyeh factory in Palestine- to be worn only with knowledge and understanding of the cultural and political implication, importance and meaning that the keffiyeh has for Palestinians and Arabs in general, out of solidarity not fashion. 
19. a newspaper so that you can read their obituary of Sharon and complain about it’s whitewashing of war crimes, pass it on and have others complain.  
20. something you really enjoy doing, to avoid burnout.
21. donations to support the legal processes of Palestinian activists. 
22. sponsoring an olive tree being planted in Palestine. 
23. a bus ticket to see an art exhibition of arab women’s art, that challenges orientalist, patriarchal and paternalistic narratives.
24. tickets to see someone speak about Palestine.
25. pretty much anything other than donating to the JNF

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