Monday, January 20, 2014

Palestinian/Israeli legislator Ahmad Tibi: Why I walked out on Stephen Harper's speech

Ahmad Tibi
"We are 20 per cent of the population, we are suffering discrimination," Tibi told Solomon.
"That democracy of Israel is a selective democracy, ethnic democracy. Canada is a democracy and people are equal without relation to their ethnic background. Here, there's a problem with that," he said.
Tibi is a deputy speaker of Knesset and leader of the Arab Movement for Change, or Ta'al.
Canada's foreign policy toward Israel is "biased, non-balanced, and that's why Canada has a very marginal role in the Middle East," Tibi said.
He and colleague Abu Arar walked out, Tibi said, "to say that we are very much unsatisfied with the remarks and the policy of Prime Minister Harper. It is very diplomatic. It's a protest which is legitimate in any parliament."
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Video (Arabic) Tibi to Harper: "You are a Likudnic. You're place is on Likud's benchs"

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