Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Yes Men

I've loved the yes men ever since I saw the movie about them. Anyway, just in case you're fans (and most of you will be after reading their website or watching the movie (it's hilarious, rent it!), I thought I'd share the email I got from them:

Dear Friends,

Twice in the past, we've asked you for money to help us take aim at the
world's nastiest criminals. Both times, you responded generously - and
the results you can see at (search on "Exxon" and

Now, we've teamed up with a dozen talented pals to aim our sights on
the biggest crime of the twenty-first century: the destruction of a
whole country for obviously fabricated reasons by the thugs in charge
of our country.

Your donation ( will make it possible for
us to print and distribute up to hundred thousand copies of, um,
something. We can't tell you what it is, but we can say it'll happen
well before the Presidential election, that it's fantastic and funny
and smart, and that it aims to change the discussion from just managing
the Iraq War, to ending it, with all that that would mean for the US as
well. Because this war has been a disaster not just for Iraq.

If you give us money (any amount is helpful), we'll make sure you get a
copy. And if you live in the New York area and would like to be part of
this action, please write

(Speaking of New York: Chris Smith, one of the directors of "The Yes
Men," has made an incredible new film, "The Pool," that will open at
Film Forum in New York on September 3: For subsequent screenings in
other cities, see

(Oh, and speaking of movies, we're nearly done with ours! In three
months or so we will have a brand new film based on five of our
actions, with plenty of plot and some investigative journalism to boot.
Stay tuned!)

The Yes Men and friends

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