Monday, August 18, 2008

We live in an extremely sick country

We ignore our own citizens in natural disasters, we don't ban chemicals (used on crops and in childrens' toys) that the EU bans, we don't provide health care for our citizens, we deport children without their parents (90,000 in 7 months), we don't pick up garbage in cans on the streets (in my neighborhood, they don't seem to, anyway), we barely educate our kids (my sister's high school history textbook was 20 years old) unless they live in a rich area, teachers may carry guns, 67 people were shot in schools last year, we throw juveniles in general prison populations, allowing them to get raped repeatedly, etc., etc. And I only mentioned a few reasons that I told my husband why we can't raise our son here. And then there's this story that happened only a few miles away from us.

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