Friday, October 4, 2013

INSIGHT-Saudi Arabia boosts Salafist rivals to al Qaeda in Syria

By Khaled Yacoub Oweis
AMMAN, Oct 1 (Reuters) - Alarmed by the rise of al Qaeda in Syria, Saudi Arabia is trying to strengthen rival Islamists with ties to Riyadh and this week helped engineer a consolidation of rebel groups around Damascus under a Saudi-backed leader.
That might bolster the opposition militarily as President Bashar al-Assad's forces have been pushing back, but it also underlines al Qaeda's expansion in Syria - and the proliferation of splits among Assad's enemies, just as world powers are trying to corral them into talks with his government.


  1. Hi Tgia, so glad to see you are posting, again.
    I hope your son has regained his good health.

    Have you seen this:

    "Art experts believe a new portrait by Leonardo da Vinci may have been discovered thanks to a 500-year-old fingerprint."


    1. Thank you vza. Yes he's out of the danger zone but still needs regular check-ups. Long story.
      Yes, I read the news yesterday and I was as excited as a child getting new shoes. I was familiar with the painting (more accurately chalk and ink) having stumbled on it in the early days of controversy about its attribution and I felt then that it could well be a stunning Leonardo. It's uniquely beautiful.

  2. Oops! Wrong article. This is the one I meant to post:

    "Locked up in a Swiss vault, among many items in a family's private collection, the portrait of Isabella d’Este remained hidden from the world. The owners of the artwork likely did not know even know what they had on their hands."

  3. Seems like 21st august gas attack by rebel terrorists backfired and all of a sudden they crumble like cookies.