Thursday, October 10, 2013

Israel demolishes his home then orders him out of cave he settled in

Palestinian Khalid Al Zeer sits with his children inside a cave in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan. Al Zeer said the family moved into a cave after their home was demolished by Israeli authorities.
Ramallah: A Palestinian man has been ordered to suspend all restoration work in the cave to which he and family had moved after the Israeli military bulldozers razed his house in the Silwan neighbourhood in occupied East Jerusalem.
The order was made against Khalid Al Zeer by the Jerusalem Magistrates Court on Tuesday. Al Zeer has vowed to carry on the work in his cave no matter what the cost in order to provide his family with a place to live.
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  1. One might find it hard to believe but this is not a singularity. It's a regular procedure. It's called ethnic cleansing. They want all Palestinians out of Jerusalem.

  2. Not a single signer of the Israeli "Declaration of Independence" was born in Israel/Palestine.

    Not a single one