Thursday, October 3, 2013

In solidarity with those commemorating the Tlatelolco massacre

This image from the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City truly is one of the most glorious political moments in sports history. The three athletes here--Tommy Smith & John Carlos from the US & Peter Norman from Australia--embodied in this defiant gesture the very best of rebellion & the human spirit--fearlessness before power & the willingness to throw athletic glory & a comfortable life aside for political commitments. All three men remained true to that defiance & though their athletic careers took a hit, their defiance continues to inspire. Dave Zirin, the political sports writer has written a book & many articles describing the courage of these men & the contributions they continued to make after the games.

This picture never fails to stir & should be viewed just to keep us all on the path of justice. Today it is to express solidarity with the protests in Mexico City commemorating the Tlatelolco massacre on October 2, 1968, just 10 days before the Olympic games. Getting justice for the victims is international.

(Photo by AP photographer)

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