Saturday, May 4, 2013

One of the most beautiful women in the world!

Sometimes you learn the most from the most surprising sources. Like the Charlie Rose show. Was there ever a more sycophantic interviewer? But tonight I was unable to channel surf past his groveling as he interrogated two stock brokers discussing corruption & insider trading on Wall Street. It turns out all of capitalism is a criminal enterprise & the two rendered the most damning testimony of that reality even while professing their love for the damnable system which has so enriched them. Insider trading is the least of it! That’s just honor among thieves.

Farmers & indigenous peoples around the world who have been fighting dispossession & the predations of the IMF, World Bank, & agribusiness for over 40 years give the testimony that matters most. And their voices have been silenced in the media! It’s our job to make their voices of protest & struggle heard. It’s time to catch up with them & join them in the historic task of changing the world.

This photo from January 2012 is of activist Librada Martinez, a member of the Ava Guarani ethnic group, resisting arrest by police as she & others are evicted from Uruguay square in Asuncion, Paraguay. Members of the Ava Guarani ethnic group had occupied Uruguay square for several months to demand the government honor its agreement to buy them land for relocation.

Librada Martinez is a leader in this struggle against the predations of capitalism. Even black & blue, covered in bruises, she's one of the most beautiful women in the world.

(Photo by Jorge Saenz/AP)

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