Saturday, May 4, 2013

Most beautiful women alive!

People magazine, the bellwether of cultural insipidity, just declared Gwyneth Paltrow the “World’s Most Beautiful Woman!” With an exclamation point no less! Declaring a well-fed, filthy rich, white woman the prettiest girl alive! Boy, is that a surprise! Who’d a thunk it!? It’s not unlike the radicals who think women in lingerie & the racist FEMEN represent the women’s movement & the resurgence of feminism.

Let me give my nominations for most beautiful women alive: the veiled women of Bahrain leading an intransigent revolution against tyranny; the Egyptian women fighting like hell to hold their place in social transformation against dictatorship & US imperialism; the Mayan women who suffered gang rape by Guatemalan militias & rose to denounce them in a court of law; the mothers of Bhopal who have been fighting Dow Chemical for nearly 30 years to get justice for their families.

Beauty is what beauty does!

(Photo of beautiful, irate Mayan women at Rios Montt trial by James Rodriquez)

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  1. "Declaring a well-fed, filthy rich, white woman the prettiest girl alive!"

    I get the well-fed filthy rich part, but what's with the "white woman" bit? Sounds bigoted to me.