Saturday, May 5, 2012

Policy of starvation: Israel destroys dairy farm in occupied Palestine

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Destruction of dairy farm in Khaled al Wardeh May 1, 2012
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May Day destruction

Annie Robbins (Mondoweis)

On May Day, a day in Israel in which all government offices are closed, in the village of Khaled al Wardeh outside Hebron, the Israeli military demolished a dairy farm.

Receiving this horrific story via my inbox today threw me. I googled it over and over again and was astounded that this report, from the Christian Peacemakers, was the only documentation of a crime that should shock the conscience of humanity: the demolition of a whole dairy farm, the livelihood of 4 families, who provide sustenance for a much wider population. Look at this farm! Look at it and think of farms in your country. Gone, destroyed, for what? What could possibly justify this act?

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